African Queen Attire (Set)
African Queen Attire (Set)
African Queen Attire (Set)

African Queen Attire (Set)

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* Flare Honeycomb š’š¤š¢š«š­ with stripes from the š­šØš©'š¬ šŸššš›š«š¢šœ.
* š“šØš© is non- Strechy: You can either tie it on the š…š«šØš§š­ šØš« ššš­ š­š”šž ššššœš¤ ššš¬ š¬šžšžš§ šØš§ š­š”šž š¦šØššžš„.
Ā * š…ššš›š«š¢šœ: Ankara Fabric that is so comfortable.Ā 
* Please š‘šžšŸšžš« to our š’š¢š³šž š‚š”ššš«š­ for Waist of the Skirt & Burst.Ā 
* It comes as šŸ‘ šš¢šžšœšž Set: šƒšØšžš¤, š’š¤š¢š«š­ & š“šØš©.
* Skirt Lenght: 32 (Knee Lenght)

* šŒšØššžš„ š¢š¬ š°šžššš«š¢š§š  šš šŸ‘šŸ š’š¤š¢š«š­ š°š¢š­š” šš šŸ‘šŸ š“šØš©